Maggot Infestation In Dogs


Have you noticed worms feeding on skin tissues that are necrotic or dying? These are actually maggots, and the infestation is technically called “myiasis”.

Dogs that spend time outside the home can be more prone to the problem especially if they are suffering from conditions that keep their skin moist, such as skin infections, hair coats that are constantly soaked in urine or feces, and draining wounds. Moist, inflamed, infected, or damaged skin creates an ideal environment for flies to lay eggs in, which will eventually hatch into maggots. Weak or debilitated dogs are especially vulnerable to developing the problem.

The larvae of blowflies are the most common types of maggots that are found feeding on dead or dying tissues in dogs and cats. Take note, however, that there are maggots that feed on animal tissue regardless of whether the tissues are healthy or in a state of decay.

Heavy maggot infestation may require the attention of Northbrook Animal Hospital Coon Rapids MN.

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