Is Your Pet Ferret In Pain? – Signs To Watch Out For


Just like cats and dogs, ferrets tend to hide any signs of pain and discomfort because in the wild, any sign of weakness would indicate vulnerability, making them ideal targets of predators. The instinct is still very strong among pet ferrets, so much so that their owners usually realize that there’s something wrong with their pets when the problem is already well-advanced and concealing pain symptoms becomes very difficult.

Keeping an eye out for these pain indicators will enable you to seek veterinary help as early as possible:


  • Display of aggressive behavior

Being in pain can make normally friendly or affectionate ferrets prone to displays of aggressive behavior. Distinct changes in your pet’s behavior and personality should be brought to the attention of your vet.


  • Mobility problems

Lameness can be an important symptom of serious health issues including spine injuries, leg injury, problems of the nervous system, and other conditions that need professional attention.

Your local Coon Rapids MN vet clinic can give you professional veterinary attention when it comes to addressing your pet’s problems.


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