Is Bloat Treatable in Pit Bulls


Canine bloat is a very serious and often fatal disease in dogs. It is seen primarily in deep-chested dogs like the Basset Hound, Akita, Rotweiller, etc. However, it can occur in a variety of breeds including the Pit Bull. Treatment for bloat must be immediate in order to prevent further damage to the internal organs. In some cases, when the stomach twists aggressive surgery will be performed. Surgery success rates are low. Bloat occurs when large amounts of air or fluid forms in the stomach causing the stomach to swell. The swelling can block veins from sending blood to vital organs causing low blood pressure, shock or organ damage.  Symptoms include unsuccessful attempts to vomit, hunched up appearance (as if in stomach pain), no normal digestive sounds in the stomach, bloated or tight abdomen, whining, pacing, etc. Call your vet Indianapolis, IN right away if your dog has these symptoms.


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