Caval Syndrome in Siberians

Heartworms alone can be a dangerous and often fatal disease for cats including the Siberian breed. However, additional disease and develop as a result of heartworms as well. General symptoms of heartworms include coughing, asthma, vomiting, decreased appetite, and weight loss. Additional symptoms such as difficulty walking, fainting, seizures, and the buildup of fluid in the abdomen may also develop due to a disease known as Caval Syndrome. This can develop as the result of heartworms creating a blockage of blood flow around the heart. Labored breathing, pale gums, and bloody or brown colored urine may also occur. Radical surgery is required to remove the blockage. Chances of recovery, however, are very low. Please take a proactive stand to protect your Siberian against heartworms and related diseases. Talk with your veterinarian Mt. Pleasant, SC about yearly heartworm screening and a monthly prevention program for your Siberian right away. Click this website to know more.



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