Teaching Your Children to Interact with Your Cat

Cats are fuzzy and cute and children can find them irresistible. However, if a child is too aggressive or handles your cat roughly, your cat may lash out and scratch or bite your child. Thus you need to provide guidance on how to interact with your cat. Instruction should include approaching your cat quietly and slowly or better yet, letting your cat approach you child. Gentle petting in the direction of the fur is generally welcome as long as your child avoids certain sensitive areas such the underside or legs or feet. No pulling the tail or grabbing at your cat. Take your time with your instruction since your child will benefit from a long-term, peaceful relationship with your cat. Older children can be taught to pick up your cat gently and properly but younger children cannot. Teach your child patience and kindness. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Oshawa, ON and Clarington Animal Hospital PC.


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