Choosing a cat carrier


Your cat needs a carrier in order to be safely contained while you are traveling from one place to another with her. Even if this only means heading to the vet’s office for her regular check-ups, it’s still an important pet supply item.

To choose the right carrier for your pet, consider her personality and how she handles traveling in your vehicle. If she is likely to relax and possibly even nap, you’ll want her carrier to allow her to do this comfortably. If she is interested in everything that’s going on around her and is constantly trying to see everything, opt for a carrier that she can move around in easily and offers her the visibility she is craving. It should also prevent her from escaping should she feel motivated to try and do so, be easy for you to carry, and be simple for you to clean. Your local trusted Flushing, NY veterinarian can offer additional suggestions.


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