How to Test your Havanese’s Blood Sugar Levels

If your Havanese has been diagnosed with canine diabetes then your vet may ask that you have your dog’s blood sugar tested regularly. This could mean you taking your dog into the vet for routine blood testing or your vet may advise that you test your dog’s blood sugar at home. Testing your dog’s blood sugar at home can be done with a handheld glucometer. Some vets advise purchasing a handheld glucometer for people since the pet glucometers are much more expensive. You can test your dog’s blood by pricking the marginal vein in the ear. You may also be able to take blood by pricking at location on your dog’s front paw. After this, make sure the blood drop makes it onto the strip and then insert the strip as directed on the glucometer. Compare the reading with your vet’s most recent reading. For more suggestions and tips, talk with your vet Lansing, MI. Or click here:



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