Caring for Bengals with Gingivitis

Has your Bengal cat been diagnosed with gingivitis? If so, make sure you talk with your vet to fully understand ways to treat, care for, and prevent future outbreaks. Life with a Bengal that has gingivitis is not much different than living with a cat without dental illnesses. However, there are a few lifestyle differences. For instance, if your cat is eating a soft or wet cat food, you should consider switching her to a hard morsel cat food. Crunching on hard morsels naturally helps break down plaque build-up. You should also start brushing your Bengal cat’s teeth at home on a regular basis. Your vet can show you how to brush your cat’s teeth and can also give you veterinary approved toothpaste. Additional aids for keeping teeth clean include feeding popular treats such as Greenies, which help break down tartar buildup. Consult with your veterinarian Richardson, TX before administering at home treatments. Read more here.



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