Plants that Are Not Akita Friendly

Did you know that not all plants and flowers are safe for your dog to be around? Some plants and flowers are actually toxic if consumed by your Akita. Ask your vet for a list of plants that you should avoid keeping inside or outside of your home. There are nearly 700 plants that may be harmful to Akitas and other dogs if ingested. Some of these include lilies, bulbs of tulips, azaleas, elephant ears, a variety of ferns, and even the aloe plant just to name a few. If ingested, these plants may cause intense gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, seizures, vomiting, damage to the central nervous system and cardiac abnormalities. If for any reason you believe your Akita may have ingested a toxic plant, call your vet right away. For a complete list of both toxic and non-toxic plants, consult your veterinary clinic Portland, OR and refer to the ASPCA.


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