Idiopathic Epilepsy in Havanese Breeds

Did you know that epilepsy is often categorized as either idiopathic epilepsy or symptomatic epilepsy? If your Havanese has been diagnosed with epilepsy, yet your vet cannot seem to pinpoint or identify any causes or contributing factors then your dog most likely has idiopathic epilepsy. This means your dog’s epilepsy is likely inherited and is occurring because of a genetic disorder. Most experts believe there are certain breeds of dogs that have a higher rate of seizures or epileptic activity which gives reason to believe such seizure activity is passed from one dog to another through genetics. Such breeds include Beagles, Labrador retrievers, Irish Setter retrievers, Poodles, Havaneses, German Shepherds, Irish setters, and Cocker spaniels. These particular breeds are more susceptible to seizures and often have seizures accompanied by abnormal behavior, howling, chomping, chewing, involuntary urination and involuntary defecation. Contact your veterinarians Portland, OR if your Havanese has any seizure like symptoms.


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