Keeping Your Cat out of Your Hamster’s Cage


Different kinds of animals can live in harmony, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is perfect. That’s definitely the case when it comes to cats and hamsters. Felines just can’t resist watching these little rodents! The trick is to make sure that your cat stays out of your hamster’s cage.

First, place the cage up and out of the way of your cat. Felines like to jump, so choosing an area that your cat can’t access is the best way to keep your hamster safe.

Cats are tricky, and they can find their way to your hamster’s cage no matter how clever you think you are. If your hamster lives in an aquarium, make sure that the lid is properly clamped down. Traditional wire or plastic cages are better at keeping felines at bay.

For more tips on keeping your cat away from your hamster, visit with your vet Georgian Bay, ON.


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