Keeping your cat free of ticks

keeping-your-cat-free-of-ticksYour cat is a wonderful part of your life, and you want to keep her as happy and healthy as you possibly can. However, you know that some obstacles may keep you from doing this, like ticks. How can you keep these off your little fur ball?

Try to get to know the area you live in, and help your pet avoid areas that have ticks as best you can. However, even while doing so there is a chance that your pet will still come into contact with ticks every now and then, so it’s important to have a backup measure in place. Many flea prevention methods also include tick protection, so check to see if you need to seek out additional measures outside of this. Also, check over your pet regularly, particularly when she comes in from adventuring outdoors. Your local vet Frisco, TX can offer additional guidance.


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