First Aid Tips For Eye Injuries In Dogs

The eyes are vital sense organs, so any injury or condition that affects the eyes should be brought to your vet’s attention immediately. Minor eye problems can easily turn serious and threaten your dog’s eye sight.

Eye out of the socket

In instances that your dog’s eye comes out of the socket, don’t waste any time; take your pet to your nearest veterinary emergency clinic ASAP. Never try to put back the eye into its socket. To preserve the eye, soaked a clean cloth in super saturated sugar solution or in warm salty and keep the affected eye covered with the cloth on your way to the vet.

Object in the eye

The presence of even a very small object in the eye can cause irritation and the dog may paw at his eyes, blink, squint, and tear up excessively. A visit to your vet clinic Lakewood area of Jacksonville, FL should be made immediately rather than later to prevent serious and possibly irreversible complications.



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