Factors That Can Help Reduce Shedding In Dogs

Some breeds of dogs are moderate to heavy shedders, and their owners have to deal with shed hairs every single day. If you are in the same boat with these pet owners, you should be aware that there are certain factors which have been identified to help reduce shedding.


Sometimes, excessive shedding may be a consequence of a poor diet. Poor quality pet food contains considerable amounts of junk ingredients or fillers, like wheat, soy, animal by-products, etc. This is an important reason to always choose quality over quantity when buying pet food, even though it will mean paying a little bit more. Make a habit of closely checking the list of ingredients and make sure that the first ingredient is a named protein source.

Skin problems

Allergies and other problems affecting the skin, hair, and associated structures may cause heavy shedding. A visit to your Lakewood area of Jacksonville, FL veterinary clinic is an important step in identifying and treating of the underlying problem. Read more here: http://lakewoodac.com/



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