Keeping Your Dog From Jumping Up


Most dogs that jump up on people were encouraged to do so while they were puppies. However, it isn’t so much fun now that your dog is fully-grown. It can be really annoying to both you and your guests. You will need to discourage the jumping up and give your dog something more appropriate to do. There is no need to shout NO or punish him for jumping up. Whenever your dog jumps up on you, turn around quickly so your dog falls to the floor. Once all four feet are on the ground, praise him and offer a treat. Repeat as needed and ask other family members and friends to do the same. Anticipate when your dog may jump up and insist he sit by you. If he is sitting quietly, he can’t be jumping up on people. Use patience and kindness throughout this behavior training. Learn more from your Sugar Land, TX veterinary clinic.


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