Why Your Cat Smells


What’s that smell? Could it be your cat? Felines are supposed to clean themselves, so why does your furry friend smell so stinky?

Is the stench coming from his breath? Unfortunately, most people don’t care for their cat’s dental health like they should, which can give your furry friend bad breath. The best solution is to schedule an appointment to have your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned.

Is it his fur that smells bad? If it does, that means your cat isn’t cleaning himself properly. This is especially a problem for some larger cats that can’t bend and twist to reach their backend. Elderly cats may also have a hard time, as do cats with particularly fluffy coats. You may have to wipe up the mess for your cat, or you can consider shaving him.

To make sure there isn’t another reason for your cat’s stink, schedule an appointment with your vet Livonia, MI.



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