Tips To Keep Your Pet Bird Warm During Winter

Many species of birds are native to regions with warm climates, where the weather is more or less constant throughout the year. And when they’re being kept as pets, they fully depend on their owners to protect them from environmental extremes. But the problem is that the process by which homes are heated during winter can be unsafe for pet birds.

Here are tips to prepare your pet for winter, long before the temperature starts dropping below zero.

Healthy diet

Good nutrition is very important in building up and strengthening the immune system. So make sure you are giving a nutritionally balanced diet that is appropriate for your pet bird.

Cage location

Place the bird’s cage in a part of the house that is warm and free from draft or poor ventilation. Undesirable conditions in their immediate environment can make them more prone to health problems.

Call your North Phoenix, AZ animal hospital if you have any concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior.

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