Cats And Medications

Cats have very sensitive body systems and they can easily react adversely to certain medications that are both used in humans and pets alike. Their bodies are unable to efficiently metabolize certain medicines, and giving these products can cause serious poisoning and other life-threatening reactions. If your cat is sick, never give any medication before consulting your veterinarian.  Many cats have suffered serious side effects, and even died when their pet owners choose to give human medication to their ill cats.

Some types of medicines given to humans, like laxatives, aspirin, paracetamol, blood pressure medications, and ibuprofen to name a few, contain substances that are toxic to cats, even in small doses.

When another pet in the home is taking medication prescribed by your vet, make sure it’s kept out of your pet’s reach. If your cat has ingested medications not intended for them, call your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ right away.



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