Leaving Toys out for Your Cat


Don’t want your cat to be bored while you’re sleeping or while you’re at work? After all, he can get up to a lot of trouble if he’s bored! The solution is to leave out a few toys for your feline friend.

If you give your pet something to do, he’ll be less likely to do something bad while you’re gone. For example, if he has a few crinkle balls to play with on the kitchen floor, he may not be bored enough to jump on the counter.

The question is, what kinds of toys do you leave out for your cat? Many felines enjoy furry mice, while others enjoy noisy toys, like crinkle balls. For most cats, pompom balls are irresistible.

If you really want your cat to have a good time without you, purchase an automatic motorized toy! Your vet Livonia, MI can provide you with more tips.


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