Dogs Who Hate the Rain and Cold

Image result for Dogs Who Hate the Rain and Cold

Some dogs will resist going outside when the temperature drops and at the slightest sign of precipitation. Yet it is an absolute necessity that your dog goes out even if it’s just to do his business. Watch for breaks in the weather to steal away a few minutes outside. Try to provide a shelter to cover your dog while he is outside. Many dogs are willing to run under a deck to avoid rain and snow. A sweater, jacket or raincoat can help your dog get over his distaste of bad weather. Dig some paths in the snow for your dog if he doesn’t like it. This is especially important for small dogs since the crust on a snow may hold your dog’s weight until he breaks through. Then your poor dog would be stuck in the snow and unable to free himself. Learn more from your Glendale, AZ veterinary clinic.


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