Preventing Mouth Rot in Kenyan Sand Boas


Did you know that mouth rot is a common health concern in reptiles including lizards, turtles and snakes? If you’re worried about your Kenyan Sand Boa suffering from mouth rot give your vet a call right away. Mouth rot occurs when a snake’s immune system is unable to breakdown bacteria in the mouth. Inflammation and small hemorrhages may appear on the inside of the snake’s mouth or the edge of the mouth near the lip area. Thick amounts of mucus may also collect in the mouth. Symptoms may include open mouth breathing and even swelling. Causes of mouth rot may include poor nutrition, poorly regulated temperature in the living environment, stress, trauma, etc. Although a common condition, it is also a preventable condition. Proper diet and living enclosures are the first step towards prevention. To learn more about mouth rot in your Kenyan Sand Boa, consult with your vet Louisville, CO.


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