Dry Eyes in Devon Rex Cats

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Did you know that some cats like the Devon Rex can develop dry eyes due to allergies, weather, or the environment in general? If your Devon Rex appears to have red or irritated eyes, call your vet and set up an appointment. Your cat’s irritated eyes could be from a variety of things in which your vet will need to exam her eyes and possibly run tests.  The medical term for dry eyes in cats is Keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS. Dry eyes can also be caused by an immune-mediated disease, systemic diseases such as feline herpes virus infections, medications, or hypothyroidism. Generally, dry eye in cats is not more common in one breed than another like it is in dogs. The best way to prevent and control dry eye is to keep a close watch on your cat’s eyes and report anything out of the ordinary to your local vet Folsom, CA.


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