Bonding with Your Senior Cat

Senior cats will interact with you differently than when she was a kitten. You need to adjust to these changes. Older cats generally don’t play as much as they used to so although you still need to keep her exercising, your interaction may be mostly cuddling and petting. You need to pay special attention to your cat’s body language and vocalizations. These are clear signals of what makes your cat happy and what irritates her. Heed the messages. You may need to groom your kitty more if she becomes lax in this chore. This requires careful handling if she has grown cranky. Your cat may experience signs of dementia and some of her senses may slip a bit. Help your cat throughout the day and keep her life simple without a lot of change that can cause stress. Most importantly, be kind and patient with your senior cat. Contact your Greensboro, NC vet to learn more. Or click here:



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