Seizures in Greater Long-tailed Hamsters


Did you know that animals of all types including the Greater Long-tailed hamster can have a seizure or seizure related activity in its lifetime? Although dwarf hamsters are more prone to seizures, it’s possible for other hamsters to have them as well. Seizures occurring in hamsters are not always as dramatic as in other animals or even humans. For instance, if your hamster is walking around with his head tilted then he may be having a seizure. Your hamster will not necessarily go into convulsions or sporadic fits as other animals that’s why it’s important to always monitor your hamster’s behavior so you know what’s normal and what’s not. If you suspect your hamster is having a seizure, call your veterinarian right away. Be prepared to tell your vet how long the seizure may have lasted as well as any abnormal behaviors that might have occurred. Talk with your Marietta, GA vet for details.


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