Can I Feed My Albino Rabbit Lettuce


Do you own a rabbit like the Albino rabbit? If so, did you know that they love to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables? Talk with your vet when determining how much you should feed your rabbit. He may advise you to feed fresh quality produce in moderation. Generally, rabbits love the occasional treat of lettuce, but do not feed iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce consists of mostly water and may create digestive problems for your rabbit. Instead, feed leafy lettuces like romaine, spring mix, and red leaf. Other suggested vegetables may include carrots, celery, radishes, and small amounts of cabbage. Commonly fed fruits consist of apples, bananas, pears and peaches. Fruit should mostly be given as a treat and should never include seeds or pits. Your vet will most likely recommend a particular rabbit pellet for regular feedings. This can be served with unlimited timothy hay. Talk with your veterinarian Marietta, GA for additional advice.


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