Why Your Cat Doesn’t Like to Be Brushed


If you have a short haired cat, you probably gave up on brushing your furry friend if he doesn’t like it. That’s okay, but you can’t do the same if you have a cat with long hair and a thick undercoat! Why don’t some cats like to be brushed anyway?

Chances are, there’s at least one area of your cat’s body that he likes having brushed. Try brushing him under his chin. The more you can focus on brushing areas he likes while you’re trying to train him, the better.

There are some areas of your cat’s body that he’d rather not have you touch. His rear end and stomach are a few examples. You likely won’t ever be able to brush your cat in these areas without a bit of a fight.

If you struggle to brush your cat, you should ask your registered vet Rochester, NY to recommend a groomer who can help.


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