UTI Infections in Chow Chows

Did you know that a Urinary Tract Infection or a UTI is a common occurrence in dogs including Chow Chows? Talk with your vet about possible signs that your Tervuren may have a UTI include your dog’s inability to urinate or passing small amounts at a time, blood in the urine, leaking of urine, frequent urination, increased water consumption, and fever. If your dog has any of these symptoms please call your vet right away. Generally, your vet will do a routine exam and possibly run blood work and a urinary analysis to find a diagnosis. UTI treatment may include antibiotics, diet change, and even surgery in extreme cases. It’s important to note that any dog could be prone to a UTI infection, but some believe it is more common in older female or male dogs, dogs with diabetes, and particular breeds. If your dog seems to be in pain even after treatment call your vet clinic Ellicott, MD.



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