Living with a Diabetic Bengal

living-with-a-diabetic-bengalIf your Bengal has recently been diagnosed with feline diabetes, talk with your vet about treatment, medications, and long-term care. Your vet can help guide you through the changes you and your cat will need to make. It’s important to understand that there is no cure for feline diabetes. However, routine check-ups and care from the vet along with regular monitoring of your cat’s blood sugar or glucose levels can help keep your cat stable in her current stages of diabetes. There is a chance for some that the diabetes could reverse itself. Cats that develop diabetes as a result of obesity may be able to reverse the diabetic disease with a change in diet, lifestyle, and weight loss. Unlike diabetic people, diabetic cats are generally not prone to kidney disease or other common diseases associated with diabetes. For additional information, please call your pet clinic Diamond Bar, CA.


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