Essential Dog Training Before Entertaining Guests

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to obedience and behavior training but there are a few behaviors you must have under control before your consider entertaining guests. These behaviors will make your guests comfortable in your home and allow you to enjoy your guests without your dog becoming a nuisance. House breaking is an essential. Nothing ruins a gathering more than a steaming pile on the living room carpet. You will also need to make sure your dog doesn’t jump up on people, sniff at people’s crotches or hump their legs. Begging at the table can be annoying too. Manage each of these bad behaviors by discouraging the offending behavior and redirecting your dog to do something else. Obedience training to sit and stay and lie down support behavior training by giving your dog something else to do rather than the offending behavior. Be patient and consistent. Learn more from your Leesburg, VA veterinary clinic.


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