Cats and Diabetes

Diabetes is an improper balance of insulin needed to control blood sugar. It is a condition that is found most frequently in older cats especially those that are overweight. Primary symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst and urination. Your cat may lose weight suddenly, vomit, lose her appetite and seem rather lethargic. If untreated, your cat could slip into a coma and possibly die. Since some symptoms of diabetes mimic other diseases and conditions, it is important to seek medical attention to get a clear diagnosis. This is done through blood and urine testing. If your cat is found to be diabetic, your vet may recommend a change in diet and insulin therapy. Your cat’s blood sugar will regular monitoring so insulin can be adjusted as needed. This condition is incurable but it can be managed with reasonable care and attention. Learn more from your Pikeville, KY veterinary clinic. See details here.


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