Lumps on Your Dog’s Eyelid

You may notice a small lump on the inside edge of your dog’s eyelid and assume it is a sty, a tumor, a clogged duct, ingrown hair or some other kind of problem. The mass may also cause irritation and redness in the eye. It can be any of those issues but you will need to have this condition diagnosed by a medical professional. In all likelihood this condition is benign and reversible but if it is not, every day you wait can make a cure difficult and disfiguring. Most of these conditions can be treated with warm compressions and an antibiotic cream or drops. More serious conditions may require removal by freezing with nitrogen or surgical intervention. Follow all instructions and don’t skip follow-up visits for managing this condition efficiently and to get the best results. For more information, contact your veterinary clinic Oconomowoc, WI for an evaluation and possible treatment plan.



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