Ways To Improve Your Senior Cat’s Quality Of Life

As cats age, their body starts to deteriorate and they become more susceptible to various age-related problems. Keeping a close eye on your senior cat is very important so you will be able to detect any changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior and seek veterinary assistances immediately.

Grooming help

Your senior cat will benefit from some grooming help. They are not as flexible as when they were young, thus they are unable to reach certain parts of their bodies. Unless you start taking over your pet’s grooming regimen, the cat’s coat may not be as shiny, and some parts can form mats or tangles.

Cat beds should be easily accessible

Senior cats, especially those that are suffering from painful joint problems, won’t be able to climb into a bed with high sides or sleep on his favorite shelf. Make sure your pet’s bed is easily accessible so he will be able to rest well.

Senior cats will benefit from more visits to your pet clinic Katy, TX for regular monitoring of existing health problems and to nip any other problem in the bud.



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