Causes of Degenerative Joint Disease in Russian Blue Cats

Has your vet recently diagnosed your Russian Blue or other breed feline with Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)? If so, make sure you talk in depth with your vet about treatment and long term care. There is no specific cause for primary DJD meaning there is no exact cause for the disease when it is the main illness. There are; however, various causes for DJD when it is a secondary disease or the result of another illness. For instance, secondary DJD can be caused by trauma, abnormal wear on joints and cartilage, or it could be genetic or present at birth. An example of a congenital defect (present at birth) would be a hip formed incorrectly. Specific causes for secondary DJD include dislocation of the knee cap, hip dysplasia and other joint diseases that may be common in Russian Blues or other breeds. For additional information, call your animal hospital Lansing, MI.


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