Helping Your Dog Feel Full While Trying to Lose Weight

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Obese dogs often suffer from mobility issues are at a higher risk of osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. Thus you should keep your dog at a proper weight. Obesity is often caused by a combination of too many calories and not enough exercise. Portion control is essential in managing your dog’s daily calories. However, you don’t want him to feel hungry either. Consider feeding your dog a weight loss formula or high fiber food so the volume of food is closer to what he is used to. Plan on several small meals so your dog doesn’t have long periods of hunger. Redirect your dog’s attention when he signals you for food with exercise, play time and even some training – whatever you need to do to keep his mind off food. Give your dog vegetables for snacks. Be patient and the weight will come off. Learn more from your Coon Rapids, MN veterinary clinic.


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