Can You Give Your Kitten Milk ?


Everyone knows that kittens drink their mother’s milk. They are mammals, after all! Felines develop a taste for dairy for this very reason, but does that mean you can give your kitten regular milk?

If your tiny kitten hasn’t been weaned yet, you may think that cow’s milk is a good substitution for his mother’s milk. Unfortunately, it’s not. You really need to hunt down a special kind of supplemental milk that is created just for kittens.

If your kitten has been weaned and you just want to give him a small treat, you can try giving him a little milk. Just keep an eye on him after he’s ingested the milk. Some cats develop lactose intolerance, especially for processed dairy. If your kitten appears sick or gets diarrhea, you should stop giving him milk.

For more tips, visit with your vet Mt. Pleasant, SC. You can also visit for additional information.


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