How to Choose a European Hamster


If you want to bring a European hamster into your home, ask your vet what you should look for when shopping for a hamster. Your vet may also be able to advise you on where to purchase or adopt your hamster. First off, if you are purchasing from a breeder, pay attention to the breeder’s living environment as this could help reveal how well the hamsters are being treated. Make sure the hamster is living in a clean environment with fresh bedding as well. When examining the hamster you want to make sure his eyes are bright, alert, and free of cloudiness or discharge. The fur around the eyes should be dry and free of stains. The hamster’s fur should be full, clean, and free of balding and matting. The hamster’s nails should be trim and his feet free of sores. For more tips, talk with your local pet clinic Savannah GA.


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