Fatty Liver Disease in the Maltese


Fatty liver disease is more common in cats it has also been recorded to occur in a variety of toy dog breeds as well? Your vet can tell you that your Maltese, for instance, may be prone to the disease. In general, a Brussels’ primary liver function is to produce chemicals necessary for digestion and detoxification of the body. Fatty liver disease occurs when the dog becomes ill and stops eating. This causes his body to go into survival mode by sending excessive amounts of fat to the liver to be broken down into energy. A dog’s liver is not meant to handle such large masses of fat and becomes swollen. An abnormal bile flow in the liver and deficient hepatic function is also noted. Not only is the liver unable to process the fat, but it is also unable to handle other functions including processing red blood cells. Call registered vets Savannah, GA for more details.


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