Caring for Your Dog’s Ears

Your dog’s ears are somewhat self-cleaning but their moist, warm environment can become infected too. Examine your dog’s ears regularly and look for symptoms of infection such as redness, swelling, dark wax or other debris and an unpleasant odor. Your dog may also shake his head a lot or rub his ears on the carpet if he is uncomfortable. Debris that looks like coffee grounds may be ear mites. All of these conditions need prompt medical attention. Otherwise, you just need to periodically clean the ears. Use an ear rinse formulated for dogs. Pour a little in each ear and use the earflap to distribute the fluid and loosen debris. Use cotton balls to remove debris and dry the ears. If you use cotton swabs only reach in as far as you can see to avoid damage. Change the cotton often and don’t cross contaminate from ear to ear. Learn more from your Vets Hendersonville, NC.


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