Diagnosing Degenerative Joint Disease in Balinese Cats

Image result for Diagnosing Degenerative Joint Disease in Balinese Cats

If your Balinese cat is having difficulty getting in and out of her litter box or having trouble grooming herself then she may be suffering from stiff joints or another related joint condition. You should call your vet to schedule an exam as soon as possible. One joint related condition is called Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). DJD or Osteoarthritis is a long-term disease that occurs when the cartilage surrounding the muscle joints slowly deteriorates. This disease can only be diagnosed by your vet. A full assessment of past symptoms as well as a current physical exam will be required. The exam will typically reveal a decreased range of motion, stiffness in the legs, deformity in the joints, and swelling or pain in the joints. Once a diagnosis has been made talk to your vet about suggested treatment options and management plans. Talk with your vet Greenwood, IN to learn more details.


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