Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Like His Food

Can’t get your dog to eat his food? Don’t know why? Here are a few reasons why your dog doesn’t like his food.

Are you purchasing a low-quality food? It could be that your dog realizes that his food isn’t very nutritious. It could also be that the food just doesn’t taste very good! Low-quality food doesn’t contain very good ingredients, which makes it taste kind of bland.

Some dogs don’t like dry food. In the wild, food has a lot more moisture. You may have to consider switching to canned food.

It may not be your dog’s food at all! Instead, your dog could have a dental disease or another problem that makes it painful to chew. If this is the case, wet food is a good solution.

For help getting your dog’s diet just right, schedule an appointment with your vet Portland, OR. Learn more here.

Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn't Like His Food.jpg


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