My Chocolate Lab Eats Horse Poop

Dogs like the Chocolate Lab tend to explore the world around them by smelling, licking and even tasting or eating things. If your pup has decided to start eating horse poop as his new favorite treat then talk with your vet about ways to discourage this not so tasty habit. Dogs typically eat horse poop because of its tempting taste and smell. But eating horse poop can be dangerous. Remember, when your dog eats horse poop he is basically eating what your horse is eating. If your horse is on any kind of supplement, antibiotic or pain medicine then there could be remnants of it in their poop. In order to stop your dog from eating horse poop you may have to keep him out of the farmyard all together. For more tips and suggestions on keeping your lab away from horse poop just give your vet Plano, TX a call. Click this homepage to learn more.



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