Cat Communication

Your cat has a number of ways to communicate with other cats, potential enemies and most importantly, YOU. Understanding these communication types can help you bond with your cat and understand her needs. The ubiquitous purr is easy to attribute as a happy and contented cat but also look for other signs of affection. Your cat will mark you as her own while rubbing against your legs, banging her forehead against your and kneading your lap. And of course, when your cat seeks out your attention for cuddles and snuggling is a clear sign that she loves you. Also look for signs that you should love her alone. A swishing tail, warning yowls, hisses and lashing out with scratching and biting are obvious signs. However, your cat may hide out if she isn’t comfortable in her home or isn’t feeling well and may need medical attention. Learn more from your Pet Clinic Sugar Land, TX.

Cat Communication.jpg


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