American Shorthair Cats and Icy Walkways


If you live in area that is accustomed to snowfall or icy roadways and walkways in the winter then you may want to find out what type of melting product is being used on the hard surface roadways to keep them free of icy buildups. Most places use a mix of sand and salt or a product referred to as “ice melt”. Although these products work great, they can be toxic to cats including the American Shorthair. The products contain chemicals that can cause blisters and burns on the bottom of your cat’s paws. If you can’t avoid these surfaces consider buying snow shoes for your cat. If snow shows aren’t possible or your bobtail refuses to wear them, then you may simply need to wash your American Shorthair’s paws each time she comes indoors. For additional tips and suggestions, give your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX a call.


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