Ear Mites in Bichons

Is your Bichon Frise constantly scratching at his ears or constantly shaking his head? If so, then you should contact your vet to schedule an exam. Your Bichon may have an ear infection or he may have ear mites. The most common mites found in dogs are Otodectes cynotis, which are also known as ear mites. Symptoms include shaking the head and scratching at the ears excessively. Some dogs may scratch so hard that they pull hair out of their ears. In addition, they may shake their heads so much that a hematoma of the ear or broken blood vessel may occur. It is important to note these signs and seek vet treatment right away to prevent further scratching and damage to the ear canal or ear drums. Treatment may include antibiotics and ear drops. Because mites can spread quickly, your Veterinary Clinic Coon Rapids, MN may suggest treating other pets in the home too.



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