Tips for Watering Your Horse

Tips for Watering Your Horse

Water is important to the survival of every creature on earth, and horses are no different. Because horses are so big, they need a lot of water, so here are some tips to make sure your pet is properly hydrated.

Make sure your horse has easy, quick access to fresh, clean water. That means replacing the water a few times each day, if needed. If the water doesn’t look very appetizing to you, your horse probably won’t drink it either.

Insulated buckets can help keep your horse’s water from freezing in the winter, but it can also help keep the water cool in the summer. If you notice your horse isn’t drinking like he should be, make him thirsty by offering him a salt block to lick.

To learn more about watering your horse, schedule an appointment with your vet Olathe, KS.



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