Daily Archives: March 31, 2016

Obesity in Persians


Did you know that obesity is a common problem in felines including breeds like the Persian? Some owners like to give their Persian a special snack every now and again, which is OK as long as it’s done in moderation. However, a few extra calories can turn into a few unwanted pounds if your Persian’s food intake is not monitored. If you think your Persian may be overweight, contact your vet and set up a routine wellness exam to find out. Your vet can weigh and exam your Persian and let you know an ideal weight for your cat. You can also do a quick check at home, although it will not be a professional analysis. If you can easily see or feel the cat’s rib bones then he is too thin. If you cannot feel the rib bones beneath a layer of fat then he may be overweight. Contact your vet Niagara Falls, ON for additional information.


Taking your Australian Shepherd Off Leash on the Trails


Most Australian Shepherds love to be outdoors and especially enjoy time with their owners out on the trails. Your Aussie may even do very well running on the trails off leash. Many area parks and forestry divisions provide safe walking trails for people and their pets. Check with your vet for a list of trails that are pet friendly. If you do take your Aussie off leash, make sure there are no signs that prohibit off leash canines. Also make sure you’ve practiced off leash walking beforehand and your dog is trained to come to you when called. You can practice his response to your commands in a fenced in dog park or other fenced in area. When you and your pup do hit the trails, make sure you are on a walkway that is far from roadways or waterways before taking him off leash. Talk with your vet Racine, WI for additional tips.

Feeding Your Dog Throughout His Lifetime


Feeding your dog properly is an essential part of your dog’s good health and long life. Puppies require frequent feeding up to four times per day. Their tummies are small and they are growing quickly so they need the extra nutrition and calories. As your dog ages, you can reduce the feedings till you just feed your dog once a day. Some dogs prefer a snack in the evening. Make sure you account for this extra feeding in your dog’s total daily calorie count. Keep portions consistent to maintain a healthy weight and help avoid obesity. Select a high-quality, nutritionally complete food that is manufactured for your dog’s stage of life. Some dogs (and owners) prefer dry food and others like canned or fresh food. Keep in mind that dry food aids in keeping teeth clean. Puppies may need dry food moistened for better digestion. Learn more from your Lawrenceville, GA veterinary clinic.