Vaccinations for Blaze Ferrets

Vaccinations for Blaze Ferrets
Did you know that Blaze Ferrets require routine veterinary care just like other pets? If you’ve recently purchased your ferret make sure you call your vet to set up a first time visit. Initial visits and wellness exams can help you establish a medical history for your Blaze Ferret. Your vet can also help answer any questions you have about basic care and dietary needs. In addition, Blaze ferrets require routine vaccinations. All ferrets require a distemper vaccination as well as a rabies vaccination. Most vets recommend giving your ferret a temporary distemper shot at six weeks of age. Your vet will then set up a vaccine schedule for your ferret that may include a series of distemper shots at 9, 12, and 16 weeks for the first year and once a year afterwards. The rabies vaccines will most likely be given at 13-16 weeks and then once a year. Contact your veterinarian Thousand Oaks, CA for more details.


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