Sneezing in Desert Iguanas

Sneezing in Desert Iguanas
Did you know that sneezing in reptiles can be a common occurrence? Desert Iguanas and other reptiles frequently sneeze. However, if you notice a sneeze is also accompanied by a cough, yawn or other symptoms these could be symptoms of an underlying illness. You should give your vet a call to schedule a check-up just in case your Desert Iguana is sick. In most cases, a sneeze is a natural response to an irritant in the nose. It may be caused by a foreign object in the nose such as dust or be caused by an allergic reaction to something in the air or even something ingested. Sneezing could also be an indication that the temperature of your Desert Iguana’s habitat needs adjusting. If followed by other symptoms, the sneeze could be an indicator that your iguana has a respiratory infection. Your veterinary clinic Thousand Oaks, CA will need to examine your Desert Iguana.


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