Service dogs


In today’s society, we use service dogs for much more than leading the blind. That’s because the healing power of dogs has been discovered to help us in ways we never imagined before. You may see some veterans with psychiatric dogs that help with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). These canines help our heroic veterans deal with the following issues:

  • Memory loss: in addition to finding lost objects, the dog can wake his owner up in the morning
  • Anxiety/Panic: alerting his owner that a panic attack is beginning
  • Sleep disturbance: waking his owner from a nightmare
  • Anger/rage: redirecting his owner from the anger trigger
  • Medication reminder: helping his owner take daily medication
  • Muscle aches: retrieving needed items for pain relief

The remarkable abilities of service dogs like these allow for veterans to continue to function in daily society.

Your Pickerington, OH vet can talk to you more about the amazing things a service dog can do or how you can get involved. Find out more here.


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