Feeding Your Cat Raw Meat

Feeding Your Cat Raw Meat

Wild cats eat an all-meat diet and some people feel they should feed their kitties a similar diet. However, commercial raw meat can introduce salmonella, e coli and a number of other bacteria to your cat’s system. These contaminants can make us sick as well, which is why we need to cook our food and wash our hands and preparation surfaces thoroughly after handling raw meats. If you choose to feed your cat raw meat exclusively, you may need to add supplements to provide a well-balanced diet. You can feed your cat a high-quality nutritionally complete canned or dry food or a combination of the two for best results. If you want to give your cat raw meat, get the meat from a butcher rather than the supermarket so it is fresher. Use the meat promptly or freeze it to destroy bacteria. For more information you can contact your veterinarian Myrtle Beach SC.


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